327 Charlotte Street, Suite 401
Peterborough, ON
K9J 0B2

Frequently Asked Questions

What is vascular surgery?

Answer: Vascular surgery is a surgical specialty that is dedicated to the treatment of conditions affecting blood vessels including arteries, veins and the lymphatic system. Some of the common vascular conditions treated include aortic aneurysms, stroke and mini strokes from carotid artery narrowing, poor leg circulation and varicose veins. The vascular surgeon is well trained to offer complete therapy such as patient counseling, medical treatment, minimal invasive balloon angioplasty, stenting of arteries and veins as well as reconstructive vascular surgery. (Credit: Canadian Society for Vascular Surgery)

How do I get to the clinic?  ** New location 327 Charlotte Street – Suite 401

(Please note that there is a charge for parking)

Answer: From the 401

  1. Merge onto ON-115 N via EXIT 436 toward Lindsay/Peterborough. (Then 51.47 km)
  2. Take the The Parkway/Sir Sandford Fleming Dr exit, EXIT 51. (Then 0.67 km)
  3. Keep right at the fork in the ramp. (Then 0.11 km)
  4. Stay straight to go onto The Parkway. (Then 2.57 km)
  5. Turn right onto Clonsilla Ave. – Clonsilla Ave is 0.2 kilometers past Towergate Rd (Then 1.68 km)
  6. Clonsilla Ave becomes Charlotte St. (Then 1.24 km)
  7. 327 Charlotte St, Peterborough, ON, 327 Charlotte Street is on the RIGHT. Turn Right on to Reid Street, our parking lot is behind the building (on the left).

Answer: From Madoc / Campbellford / Havelock / From Hwy 7 WEST bound

  1. From Hwy 7, continue straight to go onto Lansdowne St East/ON-7B. (Then 3.11 km)
  2. Turn right onto Aylmer St South (Then 1.70 km)
    • Aylmer St South is 0.2 kilometers past George St South
    • If you reach Park St South, you’ve gone about 0.2 kilometers too far
  3. Turn left onto Charlotte Street. (Then 0.13 km)
  4. 327 Charlotte St, Peterborough, ON, 327 CHARLOTTE ST is on the left.
    Turn Left on to Reid Street, our parkng lot is behind our building

Please note that there is a charge for parking.

Where can I buy foot orthotics?

Answer: Check our list of local orthotics suppliers.